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12-07-2004, 10:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Ola
Poti has been a dissapointment, no doubt about that. I disagree with you on the positioning part but I am not suprised to hear it.
He does not position himself to make a defensive play. He positions himself to try to make a breakout pass, frequently leaving his side of the net unprotected.

"You say that you were willing to give him a chance when he came, what did you expect from him? To turn into norris trophy candidate? Not one player have flourished since they came to NY(for the last 7 years). "

To use the excuse that not one player has flourished here in 7 years, as an excuse for Poti is sheer folly. Like Brook, I was willing to give Poti every benefit of the doubt. However, he quickly managed to turn any thoughts of optimism into sheer disgust. NO ONE expected a Norris Trophy candidate. However, is it too much to expect for him to be able to stop a Brian Gionta from whacking the Rangers goalie in the head, looking for a rebound? Poti just stood there and watched as Gionta got 3 whacks in, looking for a loose puck. Niether Leetch nor Lidstron are physical defenders, but each of them would gave managed to move a Gionta, who weighs what, a buck 30, away from the crease.
Poti's problem is NOT the fact that he is not physical. It's that he disdains the defensive part of the game. He make no effort to play defense. Let's recall his comments from last year. He was under the impression that becuase he is an "offensive" guy, that he should not be held to the same accountability factors when in his own end as the "defensive" guys.

"He hasnīt been used properly, he has played for the only team in the league that didnīt practise and didnīt have a system"

It does not take lots of practice to know that an opposing player whacking away at a loose puck right in front of you, should not be able to to that unfettered. Not practicing is certainly not a good enough excuse not to be abel to come to a decision of when to pass or when to shoot. It is something that Pock figured out 2 games into his NHL career. Poti is still waiting for the light to shine.

"All the "beyond soft" stuff. There hasnīt been more goals scored when Poti has been on the ice. "

We have witnessed teams change their entire strategy when Poti is on the ice. Coaches and GMs are not dumb (they are not Sather). Teams know what is going on. We started to see teams only attack Poti's side of the ice. Only dump the puck into Poti's end. Why? Becuase while the goals may have gone in as much as whichever Ranger defenseman was on the ice, it was noticably easier to drive to the net and riduculously easy to get a rebound when Poti is on the ice.

"He has been in the top10 scoring for defensemenīs ect. He also plays a pretty solid game of hockey, miles ahead of other defensemens we have had over the years."

Good God. Where to begin? Poti plays a pretty solid game of hockey? Better than others that we have seen here? Ok he skates better than Pilon. That's where it ends. He sets up the other team at least as many times as he sets up his own. Remember the Atlanta game where he ended up with 2 assists for the Rangers and 3 for the Trashers. He has no defensive habits, as having them would imply that you actually try to play defense. He makes no effort to even go in front of his own end to clear a rebound, let alone a body. He is petrified of using his body to seperate the opposing player from the puck. Even when along the boards, he tries to pock check. His offensive instincts are absolutely atrocious. He overpasses the puck at ALL opportunities. He sets up the other team as much as his own. When the blessed hour arrives that he actually chooses to shoot the puck, he has no idea of what a simple wrister is. Every time he actually chooses to shoot the puck from the point, the shot never gets through. Why? Becuase Poti spends too much time winding up for a booming slapshot. A slapshot that never gets through becuase it is almost always blocked. As I said, it took Pock all of 2 games to figure out that when on a PP, quick wristers from the point that actually get through and allow your forwards to look for rebounds are better than booming slapshots that get blocked. Poti STILL has not learned that lesson.

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