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11-04-2009, 09:44 PM
Sasha Cares
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it's been 192 minutes since someone on the opening roster has scored a ****ing goal... It's getting ridiculous and it starts with the idiot behind the bench and insane off season.. All moves in the off season were good if you look at them individually (minus the dumb Cole deal) but when you analyze them as a whole, you see the disaster that he created. JR refused to bring in young talent that could score and let's Babs get away with exactly zero compenation...

The Cole deal is the real back breaker... No one wanted him, we were negotiating against ourselves and we lost... That is so stupid... The guy showed you last year that he was done, a one trick pony that can't score consistently... I bet we could have had Cole for $1-1.5 a year, but instead of making a smart business move, we chose not to insult him and cripple our franchise... We could have taken his $3 mil and rolled it towards a $5 million dollar winger and let some others go to make room for Sutter or Boychuk and been wayyyyyyy better than we are today... This team needs the guts ripped out of it right NOW, not in month...

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