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Originally Posted by Elshupacabra View Post
A few weeks ago my friend got MRSA. He could have picked it up just about anywhere obviously but we were at the rink right around the time that stuff started popping up and knowing how locker rooms can be, I'd probably be pretty safe in saying that there is a good chance he got it there.

It looked like it sucked quite a bit for him so I've kinda been paying a little more attention as far as cleanliness goes. I play in a men's league once a week so I don't spend a ton of time there but still, neither does he. So I've been spraying all my gear down with Lysol after every game and I haven't seen any ill effects yet but I don't really want to come to find out that it makes all my gear break down 200% faster or something like that.

Does this sound like a good course of action or is there a better way to go about it?
I use Lysol after every game and it is wonderful. My gear always smells fresh and it seems like, when i play tournaments and spray my gear down after every game, it dries faster.

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