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12-07-2004, 11:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Ola
True Blue: You forgot one part!

Ok sorry I was wrong, NY has been a great enviorment to play and flourish the last couple of years. I take it all back, after all 4 players out of what 60-70 very established players have had decent seasons here...

Its strange, there is one explanation why the 59(appr.) other players played poorly here. No system, no practises, terrible("country club") atmosphere in the lockeroom ect. However when it comes to Poti none of this applies.

You make one or two decent arguments however.

I disagree. You need a system to be comfortable on the ice, you need to know that you have teammates back so you can play your guy, no having to worry about beeing out numbered. If you donīt you get tenative on ice. You think before you act ect. Its easy to play with "heart, grit and desire" if you know what your role are and what you are expected to do on the ice. I have seen 18 ranger skaters play without "heart, grit and desire" in the same game, was it because none of them cared? Not IMO...

This is his biggest fault. He has never done this and its IMO one of the most important plays in the game when your defense is able to step up on someone on the blueline and start a counter attack. However it is impossible/stupid to step up on someone on the blueline if you donīt have a forward back to cover for you. You need to have a very good system(trap) to be able to do this on a regular basis.

I donīt agree with the last part. Poti played on a astonishing bad team. Poti also had Kovalev and Leetch logging allot of PP time ahead of him. 24 points in 67 games is very decent number. His 48 points two seasons ago which ranked him 7th overall is also not a astonishing bad number.
If you are going to make comments, like no player has come to New York and flourished over the past 7 years, you sould be ready for someone to find at least one who has
System or no system, you need to take the body. He has never taken the body. You need to have the desire to hit someone more than you need a system. Somehow Darius Kasparaitis manages to do it. In this case, the problem is Poti, not the system.

To the points issue:

Jiri Slegr had 26 points in 52 games.
Drake Berehowski had 24 points in 56 games
Ric Jackman had 30 points in 54 games
Lubomir Visnovsky had 29 points in 58 games
Ken Klee had 29 points in 66 games
Anders Eriksson had 27 points in 66 games

And if you look at Poti's career, the 48 point season is the exception, not the rule. Poti has averaged 31 points a season over his career. Is that really a great number for a top offensive defenseman? I think not.

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