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11-05-2009, 03:03 AM
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Are the Thrashers interested in Habs players?

I read in the paper (the Gazette) today that Red Fisher met up with Peter Mahovlich before the Game in Montreal yesterday. Peter is a scout for the Thrashers. Red asked him, "What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be scouting your team's next opponent?" Peter replied, "We've got to see what we've got without Kovalchuk, We've got to see what we need."

Funny enough I see Bob Hartley interviewing Kovalchuk on RDS last night and Kovalchuk has lots of nice things to say about Montreal.

Then things start firing in my head today after I read the article. Why would Peter be in Montreal to see what they are missing? First off, The GM and Coach's are at the game, no? Aren't those the guys who are supposed to know their team inside out? Scout's jobs are to analyze other teams not their own. There are the GM's extra EYES.. Second, Peter said something that was either a lie or a clear sign that they are thinking long term. Kovalchuk has yet to sign with Atlanta and if they think they can win without his high salary, then maybe they will trade him before the year is over. He's not going to be gone until March. He'll miss about a month.

So if it takes about a week to evaluate the team without Kovalchuk and I wouldn't expect them to make a trade for yet another week minimum. So that's 2 weeks. But Kovalchuk is said to be back in 3-5 weeks. So would you risk trading Kovalchuk or wait a week and get him back healthy unless you are thinking long term? What's the big difference between Kovalchuck being out for a about a month and trading him 1 to 3 weeks before he comes back?

So that brings me to the big picture. Couldn't Peter be here to scout the Habs? If Atlanta is really serious to replace Kovalchuk so fast, wouldn't you want all your scouts to be looking at other teams looking to trade people? Or teams that have a surplus of forwards? There were 4 other games last night. Wouldn't it have been more beneficial to have Peter be at one of those other games and see as many teams play as possible if they want to make a fast trade?

But wait, doesn't Montreal have a guy who asked for a trade a few weeks ago? Don't the Habs have a surplus of forwards (I know 3rd and 4th lines) ? Isn't there a guy name Andrei who is not happy right now that looks like he's got potential to be a star in the NHL? Here's what I posted earlier in another thread....

Here's a note on Ak46 last game against Atlanta:

12:03 min of ice time.

Plus 1

3 shots on goal (Same as Plekanec, 19:14 min ice time)

4 hits, second on the team after Moen 5 and ahead of Lapierre and Stewart with 3 each.

Maybe Andrei wasn't trying to impress Martin. Maybe he was trying to impress Atlanta. Their whole organization where there!

The Habs could throw in another prospect and even a pick and be able to absorb Kovalchuk's Salary with without The Kostitsyns + whomever they throw into the deal.

Kovalev came here as a trade at the end of his contract and signed a 4 year extension. So why not Kovalchuk? I read all the time the Habs need another top 6 forward, but the Habs would not need another top 6 forward if they went to get Kovalchuk.

It doesn't matter who plays with Kovalchuk because,

Kovalchuk Gomez Gionta
Cammalleri Plekanec Yuppi


Kovalchuk Plekanec Yuppi
Cammalleri Gomez Gionta

would already be much better than what the Habs have. And when Markov comes back, you have a real contender..

Replace Latendresse or Pacioretty with Yuppi if you must... To be honest, I'd ever consider playing Metropolit as a RW...

Anyways, In the few years I've been on HFboards I have never posted a speculation.. But for some reason, this one called out to me..

Besides, Waddell owes Bob for the Hossa incident... Pulling out of a trade with 3 min. to go

Any thoughts?

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