Thread: Recalled/Assigned: O'Reilly sent to MIL, recall Olvecky
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11-05-2009, 09:51 AM
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Originally Posted by utmfisher19 View Post
The reason why the young kids don't get the same treatment as vets is because Vets have "been there and done that" for how many years now? Minimum of 5? These young kids have to learn the ropes. There is a REASON why vets have been in the League so long -- because they know what they are doing... Once the rooks learn that, then they will get the same treatment as the vets.
Yeah, this is how it works. But I'm just not buying it as a way to run the team. If anything when a vet makes a rookie mistake they should be come down on harder. And for the same reasons you've said, they should know better.

It's like the old business saying "The buck stops here", which was joked to be a plaque that sat on the CEO's desk. It meant no matter what went wrong it was never the CEO's fault. The CEO being the leader, probably could be considered a vet. This idea has completely changed and now is more "The buck starts here". I'd like that mentality on this team.

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