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11-05-2009, 10:38 AM
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Originally Posted by slanted View Post
Yeah, this is how it works. But I'm just not buying it as a way to run the team. If anything when a vet makes a rookie mistake they should be come down on harder. And for the same reasons you've said, they should know better.

It's like the old business saying "The buck stops here", which was joked to be a plaque that sat on the CEO's desk. It meant no matter what went wrong it was never the CEO's fault. The CEO being the leader, probably could be considered a vet. This idea has completely changed and now is more "The buck starts here". I'd like that mentality on this team.
Actually part of the way that you manage people is to do it on an individual basis. Some veterans can make a rookie mistake and will beat themselves up over it, so the coach doesn't have to point it out. Some don't pay as much attention and the coach has to make a point of it.

The more years a player has in the league, the more likely it is that they will recognize their error and work to correct it. A rookie on the other hand (even one who has been playing minor league hockey for years) would probably face new situations in the NHL (faster play, different results - think of what Trotz said about Wilson that Wilson was able to take shifts off in college because he was a dominant player but that there are no shifts you can take off in the NHL because a lot of people are at Wilson's level of talent). As a result, the coach would more likely make a point (even publically) to a player with less experience than with a veteran.

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