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12-07-2004, 12:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Chili
The Pens finished the year 12-5-3-0 (27 points)
The Caps finished the year 4-13-2-1 (11 points)

Why would a NHL team bench Olaf Kolzig for several games in favour of Matthew Yeats?
Again...Kolzig played 63 games....what do you want? Kolzig also played 6 of the final 10 games.....and I already explained why Max was in Portland.....

and to address this made up comment of yours....

"The Caps were miles ahead of the Pens until the last part of the season"

on Dec 31.....
Caps 11-23-3-1
Pens 9-20-5-2
Chi 9-19-7-4
Cbus 9-21-4-2

End of Feb....
Caps 20-35-8-2
Pens 13-43-5-3
Chi 17-33-8-5
Cbus 19-33-8-3

Keep in mind that besides trading Jagr/Lang earlier....they didnt move Bondra and Gonchar until Late Feb/Early March......losing those guys is likely going to have an impact on wins and losses....they also traded Grier and Nylander....

So...again..The Caps finished up pretty much where they were all season...I dont know how you can say they were "miles ahead of the Pens until the last part of the season"....and they did in fact finish behind Pit and Chi.....also...the 4 teams I have shown are all younger teams that have already started the rebuilding. Its fair to reason that they should get better down the stretch...The Caps were gutted down the stretch...and for good reason

whats your reasoniing for Pit winning only 2 games in a stretch of 25?

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