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09-21-2003, 08:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Legionnaire
You know, not picking up Turgeon on waivers is starting to look like a worse and worse decision. Well at least we are rock solid on D
What does Turgeon have to do with us missing Allison and Deadmarsh. We're already way too deep at center. Everbody has unbelievable hindsight, but I think we're forgetting that Dallas couldn't get rid of Turgeon, even via waivers so what does that tell you. Let's pick up an overpaid hasbeen, no chance!
The season hasn't even started and the negativity is starting to roll in. Injuries are a part of sports, and everyone wants Allison and Deadmarsh back, but i'm willing to wait until December if we have to. I'd rather have them 100%, than 60-80. This team is going to be sick this year. Probably the best we've had on the ice for ten years. If Bertuzzi and Naslund gets hurt, do you think Vancouver goes out and gets Turgeon and other overpaid prima-donnas, I don't think so. You need to seriously take a good look at the rest of the league and their line-ups. Nothing to celebrate if you ask me.

1a.) Frolov/Luc - Allison - Deadmarsh
1b.) Frolov/Luc/Bartecko - Stumpel - Palffy
1c.) Klatt - Stumpel - Palffy
2a.) Luc - Armstrong - Cammy
3a.) Avery - Belanger - Lappy (Locked)
4.) Brennan/Flinn/Sim - Pirnes/Chartrand - Tripp/Norton

Miller - Norstrom - Visnovsky (locked)
Modry (locked - unfortunately)

Strbak, Grebeshkov, Corvo, Muir, Gleason, Holland, Norton.........all fighting for two available spots! Yeah, i'm not that worried. Do I want Zhitnik or someone like that sure, but if we don't get em' who gives a *****. Norton looks great at camp as does Strbak, Corvo, Gleason, and Grebs. Even Holland looks really good, I went to both pre-season games and he's hitting everything with a pulse, and playing smart. And, I forgot about the drunk in Russia (Kut-my-nutz-ov).

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