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12-07-2004, 03:16 PM
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Originally Posted by CorneliusBennet
He takes a lot of shots at the NHL management and it's gang of morons. I have zero problem with that. He definately speaks in strong terms regarding the blatant hypocrisy of the owners/league and he's taken some 'cheap' shots at public figures, but they're fair game.
And with the amount of personal abuse Tom takes because he does such a great job articulating the (very unpopular) players side of things, that he doesn't respond more frequently to those ad hominen attacks is all the more to his credit. He has to put up with a lot of poorly reasoned, ill-informed responses to his posts. He marshalls more facts in one post than most of you (myself included) do in about a hundred. Certainly and without a doubt there isn't a single poster on this board that has, IMO, displayed anywhere near the amount of insight and understanding of the league's finances than TB. I will continue to cut him a lot of slack for what he has to put up with from many, many posters on this board.
I've told him on several occasions that he is quite intelligent, which he is. But whenever I say that his points are often based on assumption and leaps in logic (neither of which can honestly be mistaken for the truth), I get talked down to as a child would.

I say this to a lot of people here, don't care what "side" they happen to be on. It's my opinion that if you've choosen a side, you're missing the entire point. Your bias too often gets in the way; you see a situation as you want to see it through that biased filter, and many relevant facts either get left out or get grossly mis-interpreted. And I'm talking about the facts we know about, which aren't many to begin with. There are many more we don't know, so people assume what they are based on their views and offer that as proof.

Tom is as guilty of this as the next poster, make no mistake. His often detailed posts can mask that at times, but it is still there. I'd hold off on the hero-worship of anyone around here, none of us are worthy of it.

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