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12-07-2004, 03:47 PM
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Originally Posted by CorneliusBennet
Let's get a couple of things straight: 1. I participate in no act of 'hero-worship' so spare me that insult. I have praised tom's strength's as a poster, nothing more. I've done so in measure, but positive, terms in direct correlation to the respect I have for his ability to really lay the informed smack-down on you pro-owner posters. 2. I agree that NONE of you (or me) are worthy of any degree of 'hero-worship' but again, it's not what I engaged in so your point is, well, pointless. 3. Tom's posts are filled with more factually accurate information than any other poster I've seen on this board (the business side of hockey, namely) so he's not "as guilty" as the other posters on this board. Tom's post are based in facts and when he expresses his opinion, it is pretty clearly his opinion. I've had no trouble in the least seperating the two and I'm sorry if some of you (apparently) have.
I expressed my admiration for the informative posts T_B posts with consistency on this forum. HFBoards would be a LOT poorer if he were to discontinue posting here.
1. I don't really know how many times and how many ways I have to say this before it sinks in. I'm not pro-owner, I'm not pro-player; I could not in the least care who theoretically wins this battle as long as the NHL is healthy and stable for the future. The "informed smack down" comment shows some of that bias I was talking about; you don't always hear all that's there, just enough to spin it to fit your views (which again can't realistically be considered as a substitute for truth).

2. You gotta admit, that's kinda what it sounded like. It did to me at least. Of course I could be and often am wrong. So if I was, my apologies.

3. Perhaps I've seen more of his posts or been involved in more discussions with him than you have. I've seen a lot of facts, I've also seen a lot of assumption and self-serving tirades that spin a topic around in a continual loop. Circular logic, no matter how eloquently stated, still doesn't make sense or make your point valid. Again, it isn't just him. It's the majority of people here, myself included (though not as much anymore since I cut back on my posting).

You can make an enemy out of me if you choose. It's not my intention though. Just trying to state a few things as truthfully as I see them.

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