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11-05-2009, 10:52 PM
Anton Skinner
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OT: Shooting here at Ft. Hood

Well, what a crazy day. i am sure many of you had heard many things about what went on, but let me tell you what i know....

and keep in mind this is just the things that have been correct on the media, but there are other things i cant talk about....which I am sure will come out eventually, but here is what i can say

-US Army Major Malik Nadal Hasan, psychologist, was the 1 gunman
-he used 2 handguns, both owned personally, not military issue, and 1 was semiauto.
-originally it was thought to be between 3 and 5 shooters, but the 2 in custody were released and labeled as not involved, and now they are thinking it was just him
-12 dead, 31 wounded
-most deadly shooting on a US military base in history
-1 policeman was among the dead

Now, let me tell you about my day. Everything was normal and we were doing some training when the word came down at 1330. we were told to call our families and let them know we were fine. And at that point there were only 7 dead and 12 wounded. As the early afternoon progressed, we found out it went national and were told to call our parents or whomever else we wanted to. Of course, everyone started getting tons of calls and texts and we were all on our phones constantly for the next 2-3 hours....until batteries started running down. by sundown the story had changed from 1 to 5 shooters, and back down to 3. from 7 dead up to 12 dead, and from 12 wounded up to 31 wounded. it seemed that they were getting close to getting him but werent sure if he was even the only one. they finally got him, and it was reported he was killed. yay he was dead.....we were still locked down. at 1830. wonderful. well, we got word that many dignitaries would be in to check out things so we would be needed as aviation to stay and help out. well, i guess that changed, because FINALLY around 2030 we were released. of course traffic trying to get off post of around 100,000 people was HORRIBLE. and with adrenaline and attitudes still in a heightened state, it was just crazy to get off post.

It was a crazy day, and we have tomorrow off, which is nice, but, well, life will go on.

I still cant believe this happened here, not 5 miles from where I was. You hear about these sorts of things throughout the years, like Columbine, and the DC area sniper shootings, but now, wow, I was right here for one of them. It is crazy, and scary. I am just glad he stayed on THAT side of base lol.

Thoughts and prayers with all who passed today, and their families, and with those who were wounded.

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