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Originally Posted by Corey View Post
On the positive side, Mathieu Carle played well against the Bruins, who couldn't take advantage of his inexperience.
Pleasantly surprised too He is the one that looked the most solid as a D callup. I am happy for him, after 2 freak injuries at 2 consecutive camps, he did not let go of his dream. Glad we have him. I'd hate to waste a pick on another crappy d-man.

Pyatt is the man. I hope he never goes back down again. Too bad for Chipchoo, I think Pyatt is making a statement.

more this one:

White? nervous but really far Boucher has been almost 100% right. We are like WTF are they thinking, then the player is more nhl ready and solid than we thought. Boucher is the effin' man. The new breed of coach. We will win a cup with him behind the bench someday... If you ever have the chance to meet and chat or see him in action, you'll know he is something special. I saw him at the draft and he was there like a father to all these prospects waiting to be drafted. Brilliant, brilliant man and a great human being. Class act.

Not this Guy Boucher though

more this one

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