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12-07-2004, 05:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Pepper
No I didn't mention them because it's too easy for anyone who follows hockey to do that, apparently you don't fall in to that category.

Gretzky, Kurri, Tikkanen, Messier, Lowe, Anderson, Fuhr, Moog, Ranford, McSorley, Smith, Gelinas, Beukeboom, Buchberger, Huddy, Van Allen, Arnott, Marchant, Smyth, Czerkawski, Grier, Satan, McGillis, Murray, Poti, Laraque, Brown, Brewer, Comrie, Horcoff, Markkanen, Hemsky

Those for starters.
it might be better if you mention guerin and weight too. they are traded NOT because they are playing bad (the smyth-weight-guerin line was one of the best, if not the best, line in hockey), not because they are rebuilding, not because the coaching staff dont like them. they were traded because they are too expensive for the oilers. you really think, under normal circumstances, that guerin will be traded for anson carter!? and weight for hecht, reasoner and some low level prospect?
and even though those 2 players werent drafted by the oilers, they were developed there, became the all-star player there, and began to ask for big money after playing in edmonton. so yeah, i'd say edmonton developed them.