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12-07-2004, 06:51 PM
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THN polls players, 87% say no to a cap

The Hockey News recently polled 121 NHL players, asking:

Would you consider negotiating a salary cap system if it meant saving this season?

A “salary cap system” was defined as a $40-million cap for team payrolls with guaranteed contracts remaining in place.

(The $40-million figure was selected as a compromise position between the NHL’s offers and last year’s average team payroll of roughly $44 million. The NHL says each of its six proposals would guarantee an average salary of $1.3 million, which works out to an average payroll of about $31 million.)

The Hockey News correspondents from the 30 NHL teams were asked to solicit answers from a cross-section of four or five players (per team), at various age and salary levels and encompassing a mix of Europeans and North Americans. Respondents were interviewed separately in mid-to-late November and were promised anonymity if requested.
No: 105 (87%)
Yes: 9 (7%)
Maybe: 3 (3%)
No comment: 4 (3%)
Bobby Holik: “I will put my word to it-the proposals we already have made to the league contain significant concessions that address every one of their issues. It is very clear to me that the owners expect us to bear the burden alone of solving the problems they have brought on themselves by showing a lack of control. We are willing to negotiate. We are willing to work with the owners to fix the problems they have identified. They refuse. They want to dictate. They have one solution and one solution only. They demand a cap-and that isn't even a solution. They don’t acknowledge what a cap would do to the game. It would drive the game to mediocrity."

Anonymous: “I would be willing to consider a cap that might be phased in over a few seasons, but $40M is too low. And even then only if the issues of waivers/two-way contracts, buyouts and guarantees remain as they currently exist.”

Anonymous: “Definitely not. The only way the league is going to get a cap from us is if they keep the league shut for two years, and by that time it won’t make any difference. If they don’t negotiate, there’s not going to be a league.”
there are quotes from players from each team...

The salary cap question

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