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11-06-2009, 10:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Habs10Habs View Post
What ****ing games are you watching? He doesn't do this and is quickly gaining a reputation through out the league for not doing it. **** uninformed posters piss me off.
He sort of half wrestled half fought Brian Lee/Steve Downie/Petr Prucha last year and then wrestled with Lucic a bit in a scrum last year, and that's it.

The year before that he had Talbot and Axelsson and only the Talbot bout could even be called a real fight. He mostly just holds on for dear life when in a scrap.

So yeah. It's hard to say if these constitute 'stepping up' or not, they aren't really scraps, more grappling matches... I guess we will see how he does this year, but it looks like he doesn't plan to make it part of his game. The Armstrong incident was a nice moment though!

As long as his team mates are ok with his play than I certainly am, that would be the only thing that would make me upset with him, but it really isn't something we can comment on. All we can do is project our feelings towards Lappy onto his teammates but anyone presuming to actually have a sense of how the team feels about him is reaching to say the least.

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