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12-07-2004, 07:20 PM
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Actually, what I am saying is that the Oilers were able to remain at or above the level they were at with Guerin and Weight for much cheaper than it would have been to keep them.

You honestly think the Oilers would be significantly better with those 2 30plus players taking prime minutes away from the younger players (the precious few the Oilers have developped) who developped the years following the trades?

Im just pointing out yet another logically inconsistent position despite evidence to the contrary (that the Oilers are no worse off having traded Doug Weight and Guerin, and are in fact, cheaper).

The whole whining that comes from the Oilers fans with no brain is that they cant compete cause they lost these 2 players. I pointed out that their records were either the same or IMPROVED after these 2 players left.

A hard cap would hurt Edmonton far more than it wuold help them, just incase anyone still doesnt understand.

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