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11-06-2009, 01:21 PM
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Originally Posted by AcidQueen View Post
I'm sure that the CanesVision guys have already been told to jam the music to drown out the boos and chants. That, and the RBC Securebots will more than likely have orders to throw out anyone with anti-Mo signs.

I like that! RBC Securebots!!! My friends and I get a huge kick out of them just about every game we go to. One of our favorites to laugh about is the sweet old duffers that stand out by the people waiting to talk to the players after the game is over. Some are great and some have a major issue with wanting to be known as The Authority. Anyways, the ones that stand there motioning to the players what way to turn out of their parking area are tops. It doesn't matter that it's turn that way or else pull inside the RBC Center. They must be told every time!

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