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11-06-2009, 01:38 PM
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Originally Posted by HarlemsFinest View Post
is he on pace for the number of assists too? gomez is a playmaker, strong zone entry and creating things. so ur happy that higgins, who should be scoring goals, is on pace for as many as a non-scorer? as long as we're both happy.

mcdonagh didn't seem to be panning out and we have tons in the AHL to fill that gap. however pyatt seems better than expected. in fact he played last night and didn't look bad. when's mcdo's 1st game? (granted we only needed to do that because of prolific injuries).

gomez wasn't working in ny and you guys were able to get gaborik, which is still a bit of a gamble by itself but is no doubt elite. only a question of being able to keep him elitely healthy for most of the time.

so in terms of how both teams benifitted from the trade, i'd say they both generally worked in everybody's favor. the only downside is really scotty's big contract. but on the flipside....had the habs not made that trade, would they have lured the like of gionta, cammalleri, spacek etc?

higgins was great in the hab's conference run season 2 years ago, when the whole team had i think 7 players with 50+ pts. i really thought/hoped he'd be so motivated playing pretty much at home. if this can't drive him, i don't know what else could.
He was pressing. It had nothing to do with drive

Also, Gaborik is a risk yes, but he's so much better than Gomez tha no one really cares at this point. Gaborik has one of the best wrist shots in the league, if not the best. Gomez has one of the worst. I'd say Gaborik is also a better playmaker. Gomez creates a lot of opportunies with his speed, Gaborik does with his hands and vision. Unfortunately for Gomez, a lot of the times his speed can be neutralized. It's very hard to neutralize Gaborik because he has so many weapons.

I wouldn't mind it if McDonagh never panned out. Chances are he will get traded before he ever plays in the NHL anyway because of the surplus of Rangers D-men

I'm also curious, what do Cammalleri and Spacek have to do with Gomez?

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