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12-07-2004, 08:53 PM
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Originally Posted by scaredsensfan
The whole whining that comes from the Oilers fans with no brain is that they cant compete cause they lost these 2 players. I pointed out that their records were either the same or IMPROVED after these 2 players left.
Well, the Oilers made the playoffs every year that Guerin played for them.

The Oilers made the playoffs the last 5 years in a row that Weight played for them.

The Oilers missed the playoffs 2 out the 3 years since Weight was traded (and counting...)

Can you explain to this Oiler fan with no brain how this is IMPROVED.

Originally Posted by scaredsensfan
A hard cap would hurt Edmonton far more than it wuold help them, just incase anyone still doesnt understand.
Its quotes like this that make me laugh. You dont know how a cap would impact the NHL. Sorry. Now if you said "in my opinion" or somthing to that extent, your post may warrent some merrit.

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