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Originally Posted by HarlemsFinest View Post
while they didn't come here for free (more gionta and cammy, spacek is like 3.6 or something, the others are 5-6), i think cammalerri said after he signed in an interview that when he saw the team that was being assembled, he was intruiged by the opportunity. and i think it was the hiring of jaques martin, then the gomez trade, then gionta signed and cam saw that. on record, gio said he did sign mainly because of the contract and that it wasn't to reuinute with gomez, but regardless cammer probably saw some interesting potential.

i'm putting emphasis on the cammalerri signing because he is our gaborik, if you will permit the comparison, and he wouldn't of signed with the habs had it not been tempting. (again, also factoring in his 5 year contract and playing for a team with a lot of history).

spacek is less relevant, i just dropped him in there as a key signing in the blowup/rebuild. i hadn't fully informed myself on the chronological order of the million signings haha.
Sorry, but I don't think any of it's true. Of course a player isn't going to come out and say they signed because Montreal gave them the most money.

Gomez was at best an ancillary cause for the signings... they signed in Montreal because of the money (and perhaps feeling wanted to an extent, because a team thought them worth that much money).

And I'm not criticizing Montreal... money is the same reason Gomez, Drury, and Redden signed with the Rangers, imo.

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