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11-07-2009, 09:22 AM
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Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
It's just silly. We had Zherdev for a year, and it didn't work out. People know that. We've had Kotalik for a month, and so far it has worked out. How will it look at the end of the year? Who knows.

If one year ago today, this same question was asked, this thread would be mocked. At that time, Zherdev looked wonderful, like a player we always wanted. Ales Kotalik was starting his third of three consecutive "meh" seasons. It wouldn't be close if you asked it then. So maybe we ought to wait more than 17 games before declaring Kotalik light years ahead of Zherdev...

Again, I like Ales Kotalik. He's a good player. But he's also a guy that routinely goes 8-10 games without scoring. Two years ago he went 14 games without a goal! The year before, 13 games!

The other knock on Zherdev--where was he in the playoffs? Does anyone care that Kotalik's last time in the playoffs, he had 4 points in 16 games? None in the 5 games loss to Ottawa? Granted, the two previous playoff performances, Kotalik was solid. But Zherdev only has the one performance, so that's what everyone has him pegged as.

I get that a lot of people dislike Zherdev for various reasons, reasons that they've established from experience. But do those that dislike Zherdev really know Ales Kotalik, and how freaking streaky the guy is? I'm not even arguing that someone is wrong for preferring Kotalik to Zherdev--I totally understand there's a solid rationale for that preference. But all this rhetoric--"Kotalik, not even close", "Zherdev is a bum", "Is this a trick question?"--it's just stupid.
You lucidity brings a tear to my eyes. See Avatar. Just irks me when 15 year olds make these baseless comments cause they have a woody for a player that doing well. Last year one couldn't say a single bad word about Dreary and Cally. I was blue in the face arguing that they were put in positions to succeed and would been seen for what they are sooner rather than later. I haven't seen many Cally will score 30 post since the season began. Don't get me started on Captain Nyquil.

Nice post nyr2k

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