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12-08-2004, 09:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Ola
You cannot simply blame NY for what Poti does wrong.
And we do not. The tone of your arguments said that you are the one who is holding Porta blameless and laying the blame on playing in NY.

"he is also the only defensemen on the team who has experience of logging allot of minutes in the NHL. "

Logging lots of minutes does not make you success. He got run out of town in Edmonton for the same horrific play. Now we are experiencing what the Edmonton fans did. We see an immensely talented offensive defenseman who has no defensive habits whatsoever and whose offensive instincts are not much better. Is Poti talented? Absolutely. He cas the potential to be one of the better defenseman in the entire league. He CAN be an offensive wizard. But he could be the defensive version of Kovalev. Million dollar body and talent and a ten cent head. Poti has not grasped the rudimentary things of playing the point. He cannot make sound judgements. He almost always overpasses the puck. The overpassing leads to constant giveaways to the other team. When the moment arrives that he does choose to shoot, he cannot fathom that a quick wrister from the point (when on a PP0, is more effective than winding up for a booming slapshot that almost always gets blocked. I really do not see how you can argue this. Having said that, that does not mean that you do not have a clue.

"If you belive that Poti is as bad as you say, worse then Joel Bouchard, that he hasnīt suffered from playing for the NYR the last couple of years ect. I stand by what I said earlier. With all due respect, you donīt have a clue what you are talking about!"

So if I think that Bouchard is better, I do not have a clue? You have yet to prove me wrong. In almost 40 less games, Bouchard had only 6 (or something close) less assists. When extrapolated, who is better? All Bouchard lacked was a chance. He is 10 times the defensive player Poti is (not that it's saying much). And while not nearly as talented, he makes much better decsions with the puck than Poti has ever shown an inclination to do.

Now please notice, that this little debate does not have anyone taking shots at you. If you are incapable of holding a normal debate where people give different opinions, but are able to back them up and have an overall intelligent conversation, then there are plenty of other 10 year olds on this board with whom you would fit right in.

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