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12-08-2004, 09:05 AM
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Originally Posted by JR#9
I appreciate that Shadowtron.

The vets from the board know I don't post nonsense or outlandish events.The same thing happened when I posted about what Feldman was giving info to my friend who was also being treated for a sports injury all about what the inside scoop on Pavel Bure and his knee problems and even then I was getting the "why would so and so tell anybody this info" but in the end it all turned out to be true.

I don't claim to have "inside sources" that give me any sort of inside scoops but rather just report something when an occurance like this goes on.I and alot of the NYR fans I know have been going to these fan forums and for some who may never have attended one they provide unique opportunities to shoot the **** with guys like Slats-Renney, especially when you bowling a few frames with Slats while drinking beers.

And how many geniuses that are doubting Slats would say something like "he's done" have been paying attention for the last 4 yrs???

This is how this smug, arrogant man speaks.Does anybody remember the "man or mouse" quote addressing those questioning his trade for Lindros?

And for those saying that he'd never say that because it would ruin Blackie trade value all I have to say is

Do you people not realize that players have to pass physicals when traded?

Do you realize that this kid has been out for 2 F'in years with no improvement in his condition???

Do you guys think maybe, just maybe, a GM who would trade for Blackie would do so only after extensively checking out the shoulder injury???

Sometimes I just can't believe the "logic" people start spewing about on such issues.

People can take it for what it's worth.Choose not to believe it if you want.I pray that Blackburn does come back as I've been crowing about him doing prior to this info but all I can tell you is that Slats DID say this at the Wed blwoing meet and greet to one of the guys who comes with me to rangers games.
for the record, i'm not in any way questioning your credibility with this post and knowing the arrogant ***** that sather is, i don't doubt for a second that he would say it and not care what anyone thinks...i question whether or not it was smart of sather to do that.

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