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12-08-2004, 09:42 AM
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Poti was traded against York (by Sather). Thats his biggest problem. It was a bad trade, Poti hasnīt turned out well IMO. He is a non physical defensemen and that is never popular in NY, but that isnīt his biggest problem on the ice in my book. Like several people has expressed earlier here there are several "non-physical" defensemens who has success. Lidström has been mentioned although I donīt really agrees with the non physical part because he(lidstrom) takes allot of hits to make plays, but anyway. My biggest probelm with him is that he is inconsistent, I doubt the players up front have a clue [=)] what Poti is gooing to do with the puck. He is far from perfect in his own end, but did actually play more physical(stickwork but anyway) late last season. What I donīt agree with is the "Poti is the worst player in the world" on this and that. People started booing and then the spin work started, "he canīt position himself". "He pokechecks and gets beaten wide all the time"(that happend what 3-4 times last year?).

Originally Posted by Fletch
your arguments have been fine and your posts well thought-out until you said TB and SBOB don't have a clue. While you're spot-on in regards to TB, SBOB has been known to occasionally have a clue. So the 'name calling', for me, tends to skew my opinion of any post. We do occasionally agree to disagree.
Sorry, "donīt have a clue" should be changed to something like I strongly disagree... I am not that great at english and used a term I am familiar with.

Originally Posted by True Blue
there are plenty of other 10 year olds on this board with whom you would fit right in.
Thats something Iīve been dooing to much lately...

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