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11-08-2009, 02:33 AM
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Originally Posted by kivaerijo View Post
not directed at you, but with some of the talk about preds being a below average team, i just wanted to point out that the kings only have 3 more points than the preds since that same date. and only 7 points ahead of us on the year. and we have 2 games in hand.

we started off terribley this year, and things started to get better. i know there is a lot more that we need to do, and we may not get there, injuries are killing us. but we are really the same team we were for the last few years (made playoffs 2 and 3 years ago, and just barely missed last year). point being we could still be a playoff team.

i know some here have pointed out that everyteam has a chance every night. more true in this sport than any other.

i understand some are upset at the loss. feel you should have won. and i agree.

oh...the 4-0 game thursday wasnt total domination. i would say pretty even for 50 plus minutes. few absolutley terrible defensive breakdowns and a 5 on 3ish. sellane kills us every game he plays us. score sometimes isnt indicative of what really went on.

wish i could say good game, but our announcers suck, game not on tv. couldnt tell what kind of game it was.

good luck on the season though, and take care of the hawks!
The disappointment of losing to the preds doesn't really have to do with us expecting to beat them, but more with the fact that we have outplayed anybodies' expectations in the beginning of the year and that we should have steamrolled any team coming off a loss to the ducks. The Preds always have our number, but like you, we are expecting our team to be a playoff team and therefore need to beat any team that will finish close to us at the end of the season. The Preds are a team that we need to beat, but not necessarily should beat, and that's where the disappointment comes from.

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