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11-08-2009, 12:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Zad View Post
A few tidbits for those who were not there.

The arena was not 15,000 +. Closer to 11,000

The crowd sucked nearly as bad as the team. DIEHARD and I tried to get a LETS GO KINGS going and wow, you would think we were in church.

Quick's stick throwing incident was comedy. The puck was going 6 feet wide.

Smyth played a very good game. Control of the puck, created several chances all by himself and through his hard work. He was very difficult to knock off the puck.

Kopitar was just a little off. It wasn't for a lack of effort, but it reminded me of a player who wanted to take over the game but passes just would not connect and we played most of the game in our own zone.

Ivanans' penalty was stupid. Frolov's penalty in the third was even worse.

Stoll was skating well most of the game and he had a similar game as Kopitar.

Honestly, I don't know what Williams was doing today and I like the guy. He had a few shifts where he could not read the play. He was passing right to the Predators in our zone and either he or his line mates were not communicating.

Handzus and Simmonds were invisible.

Quick should have had point shot. I forget which one it was, but the goal was stoppable. From his 3rd or 4th game last season, I became worried about his reads and positioning on the point shots. He drops to his knees too early and gets beat high and becomes susceptible to rebounds. That's timing and Bill needs to work with him on it.

Jack wasn't jumping into the play at all. He looked like Greene out there. Greene looked like Modry on a couple of plays and O'D looked worn out. I commented to DIEHARD why none of the defensemen (Doughty included) are playing back on nearly every play. It was as if they had no interest in generating offense, just guarding against the counter attack. The problem was this happened from the drop of the puck.

Murray is being kind when he says take nothing away like Nashville. Nashville played like ****. The hard work in the corners wasn't Nashville playing well, it was the Kings not going to the corners. Ron could have kept the cycle going in the Kings' offensive zone.

That third goal sucked the life out of the team. You could almost feel the team deflate.

Did I mention the fans sucked? If any of you were at the game and sitting on your *****, you owe the team some enthusiasm and positive energy next time and don't tell me you were ****ing worn out from the Pittsburgh game or the team didn't give you anything to cheer about. THAT is exactly when you have to get into it.
i was there, in pr 14 trying to get the Lets Go Kings chant going with my three other friends, but the whole section i was in was lame as ****, andi let them know that as well. That section embarassed me, as well as the kings embarassed me.

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