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Originally Posted by adaminnj View Post
What is everyone doing to help prevent from getting sick at the rink?

I caught a cold (I think) at the rink on Fri and I did not even skate or go into a changing room. I went in to pick up some skates I had work done to and walked around talking to a few friends. That night I started to sneeze and cough. I did skate on Thu AM and I was in the changing room. The only place I can think of that I might have contacted the sick I am is the rink. I wash my hands regularly, and try to avoid sneezing / coughing people.

Anybody else dealing with getting sick at the rink and what are you guys / girls doing to prevent getting sick at the rink specifically?
I've been really sick for the past two weeks or so... I haven't been able to get out at all.

My only precaution would be to *absolutely* use my own waterbottle (also ensuring that nobody else uses it) and thoroughly cleaning it afterwards. I can't really think of another way to get sick, but you just know that some tough guy is going to try to play with the flu and get his germs all over the place.

The tapping gloves instead of shaking hands idea is a good one.

Actually, I tried playing a league game on Wednesday. At that point I hadn't done anything physical in a week and a half, so I sucked *and* felt awful the next day.

It's really frustrating... I've dropped about 10 pounds (despite putting on some fat) and I'm really itching to play. EA NHL on the Xbox just doesn't cut it anymore

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