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11-09-2009, 02:10 AM
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Originally Posted by overlords View Post
Not sure if you're taking a shot at me, but it's late so I'll let it go

I'm not picking on the guy, i just think he needs to get his confidence back up. Also, even when he was on his game last year, he was no goalscoring threat. I'm talking about NHL and AHL here. He was mostly an assists guy.

I just don't want him to turn into another latendresse, you know? We're seeing what rushing prospects has done to other players. I have high hopes for Max Pac and I just want to see him succeed.
Not a shot at all, although I can see where it might have seemed that way. No, honestly and specifically, what would improve in his game playing in the NHL, and would it improve quicker playing/practicing with and against minor leagers, or against real NHLers?

I ask, because fundamentally and physically he seems ready for the NHL. If we're talking about things like following the play, timing, forechecking, defensive schemes/positioning, linemate chemistry, etc, he's probably better off jumping right in and getting these things in the NHL with/from NHL players beside him. I've never been sold on the AHL as a "confidence factory", as I think all players are well aware that the level of the two leagues is miles apart, and that there are plenty of guys who dominate the AHL and never find permanent NHL homes. Sticking in the NHL is as much of a confidence booster for a young player as anything, I suspect. Better for the ego than getting cut from camp, for example.

If you're physically mature, and fundamentally sound enough to stay in the play at the NHL level, there's really no need to waste time at the AHL level anymore. It will take him a few years to get up to speed/potential, but it would take that time PLUS time spent in the AHL if you send him down (and the Habs end up with another spot to fill in the lineup anyway). Mind you, this is my impression as relates to MaxPac specifically, not young players in general, obviously.

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