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12-08-2004, 08:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien
I'm in!
18. Kyle Chipchura
It was already a perfect pick, I wouldn't change it for the world.

84. Dustin Boyd
This is a bit of hindsighting, I admit, since he wasn't high on my own list at the time. But he looks like a good warrior to ride shotgun with Chipchura on our checking line of the future. (Hon. Mention to McGrath and Hedman).

100. Wes O'Neill
I have always been leery of O'Neill too, but he has a big frame on D, and if he is less dynamic than Hainsey, at least he could be some kind of insurance policy on him, and he seems to be regaining some of his lost lustre this year. At 100, why not? (Hon. Mention again to McGrath and Hedman... I would have taken Hedman on draft day, actually, but I'm revising).

150. Frederik Cabana
I almost don't want to reach for him this high, but there's no choice. It's funny to see Chipchura, Boyd, and Cabana on my list, since I'm normally not a guy who picks defensive grinders. But at least, honestly, I was plugging him heavily, pre-draft. I'm disappointed with his season so far, but the production is pretty spread out on Halifax, and he is an easy guy to slot into a defensive role. (Hon. Mention: Dmitri Vorobiev).

181. Robbie Earl
The small speedsters are more my late round draft style. I took Earl in my keeper league much higher than this. Alas, he went 187th to the Hated Leafs! (Hon. Mention: Julien Ellis-Plante)

212. Martin Houle
Between taking Ellis with the previous pick and my personal favourite Houle with this pick, I like the idea of grabbing Houle. I don't care if he's a year older and a bit small, I would rather have him in the system than Lacasse. (Hon. Mention: Matt Christie, like his skills).

246. Dylan Hunter
Another hindsight pick, of course. At the time, I wasn't thinking of him, really. His numbers this year are gaudy, of course, but with Hunter it's not just about the numbers. Or the skating, or the stacked team he plays on. He's a Hunter, and he might just find a way to muck his way into an NHL career. I wish he'd get meaner like the previous generation Hunters were, though.

262. Dmitri Megalinsky
I'm not sold that he's an NHL prospect, but the recent Can/Russia series says he can play as Russia's top defender against the CHL all-stars and not look out of place. He can throw a nice hip check and seems to be a great leader. He's worth a late round flyer, anyway.

278. Chad Klassen
Since Lascek has already been mentioned, I won't repeat mentioning him, even though I'd definitely grab for Lascek too. But Klassen is an overlooked guy I would have thrown a random pick at, maybe. I like his vision and his offensive instincts, but of course he might not have the pure physical skill to make it. But normally (though you wouldn't know it from my Chip/Boyd/Cabana picks) I like to grab offensive guys like this. (Hon. Mention: Danny Syvret, but again that is totally hindsighting it. I liked Klassen before the draft, but I like Syvret now).

Of course I reserve the right to completely change this list again, annually, as we learn who the real smart picks would have been. And who knows, wouldn't it be great if Grabovsky and Yemelin and those others we took were actually on that final list!

P.S. I do like fredez's list much better on pure talent, but I can never just choose all those Europeans when I have some personal favourites in my backyard.
Originally Posted by Blind Gardien
100. Wes O'Neill
246. Dylan Hunter
262. Dmitri Megalinsky
I hesitated between O'Neill and Hedman too but picked Hedman because in my mind he is a less risky pick.
I thought of picking Hunter but didn't because he doesn't have one stand-out ability.
Nice pick with Megalinsky.

I guess I'm not the only one who didn't like our late round picks this year

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