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Originally Posted by adaminnj View Post
OMG! As a hockey dad to a goalie do I have some stories and last year was our first year of house league. Just for starts we live about a half hour from the rink, Novice gets start time between 7:00 AM, to 8:00 AM, which for us means that we are up at 5:00 AM to make it to the rink by 6:30 AM because we need the time to tie on skates and pads.
God forbid we lose a game, and my son make the first stop on every shot he still gets blamed for the loss by some of the parents. for crying out loud these kids are 7, and 8 years old. The price on terms of $CAD$ is nuts, $450.00 for 20, games and 20 practice at an hour we have to wake up before we would to go to school and work. As well the price of equipment is out of hand, and as a Novice goalie we have to get full player equipment too. Don't get me wrong I love to watch the kids play and the tension while they are on the ice is a big roller coaster ride. I've seen kids have tantrums and hook, crosscheck, board, hack, you name it. As well I have seen kids have tantrums from being called on infractions.

I have held off on allowing my son to even try out for any higher level hockey than house league because of the stories I get from friends with who kids play select, rep, or any of the As.
Granted I'm in Pickering ON and they take hockey very serious here as opposed to NJ where we are from. Hahahaha

If you are looking for spicific topics let me know and if I have anything to offer I'll try to help.

Why are you "trying to better understand the life of a hockey parent" do we have a bun in the oven eh?
Well, first I appreciate the response.

The money side of things seems like it'd be pretty high on the list of obstacles and time's got to be a close second.

There's no bun in the oven (haha).

I'm just trying to gain perspective on something I never experienced.

I guess where I want specifics is on the time demands of being a hockey parent, which you gave me a good start.

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