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11-09-2009, 09:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
I prefer a 6 lie but they are rare to find now and I settle for a 5.5 which is useable. I keep the puck closer to my feet and am more upright than some other players.

I wish a shop could offer something for everyone but they don't.

I would like to try out that Blake Wheeler 7 lie blade Bauer offers on their custom made Supreme One95 sticks.

As for the heatley pattern I own a few which are standard hosel blades and they were the 2008 Easton Synergy replacement blade line. I know you said you wanted one for a tapered shaft so I cannot help you too much with that.

I've been using Harrow and they have the patterns I like to use in the lie I like so I'm good with that. I finally found someone who makes what I need and want and in a tapered format.
same here, usually 5.5 but this Winnwell is a 6 and i am quite enjoying it.

At this point in my playing days for 50 bucks it gives me all i really need, i think i have been converted. Havnt used my R10 in about 5 games. My shot hasnt change that much to where it actually effects me, i can handle the puck alittle bit better actual but i think it is more mental then material. My passing is still has good as it always has been. I have never been to concerned with weight anyways. 550 = 400 g to me, it makes no difference.


I am in no way saying the G-lite is as good as any top end stick. For me personally, the curve, lie and feel is all I need.

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