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11-10-2009, 02:05 AM
Stanley Cup 2022
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A day in the life of the hockey parent.

Expensive, time consuming, frustrating, driving the highest winding mountain passes in Canada in the dead of winter, 12 hours to get to a rink, watch the boy play and return home, the embarrassment of the nutbar hockey parents, heartbreaking losses and 3 games in one day then 3 the next. How that translates into the highlight of parenthood i'll never know but somehow it does.

One of the best memories was when the kids team was invited to a tournament in Spokane as a last minute replacement for a team that couldn't make it. With so little time to arrange for some parents to transport their kids i offered to take two that would otherwise not be able to make it. No big deal, i hustled my son into the car then zipped around to pick up the others and off we went. I took the shortest route there which meant saving an hour rather than crossing at the town where i lived. An hour and a half later we pull up to the border crossing and were approached by the customs agent. "all those boys yours" he asks, a quick glance into the backseat at the readheaded boy, the brownhaired boy and then my blackhaired son sitting next to me and i smiled and said "probably not". He took my drivers licence asked the boys their names and went inside as i consoled the boys on the fact there would be no hockey today and apologized because my stupid oversight(at that time you needed letters from their parents) had cost them their Saturday afternoon. About ten minutes later the guard came out of the building and walked over to the drivers window and handed me my licence, "you boys all comfortable with Mr. X" he asked. They of course all smiled and told him everything was fine. Then he informed me his son was also in the tournament and he would be at the later game, he looked at the boys in the back and wished them good luck. I looked at him with what i know was a look of total bewilderment and he said to me "i suggest you return home at the crossing where you live to avoid any hassle returning to Canada". He then patted the roof of the car and said "game on". I highly doubt that would happen these days but i thought it was pretty flippin cool.

I never did notice him at the rink and maybe just as well because our team swept all three games and finished 1st with just enough time to clean the ice between the second and 3rd games. Though exhausted they played the game of their young lives. Needless to say i was very proud of them, fed them and enjoyed a quiet ride home as they slept their way back to Canada.

Upon my return i learned that while inside he called my hometown crossing and gave the boys names as well as mine to the Canadian customs agent who was a friend of mine and she had assured him everything was ok. She asked me if i realized how stupid that was of me, i just laughed and hoisted the little trophy over my head like it was the Stanley Cup and told her i owed her a beer.

Ahh, the life of a hockey parent.

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