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12-09-2004, 03:05 AM
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Originally Posted by FLYLine4LIFE
It doesnt matter if he hits the puck first...that is an NHL rule and youth hockey doesnt go by it.
Please speak for your own rulebook. Just because it is not in the USA Hockey rulebook, don't go assuming it is just an NHL rule.

Under Hockey Canada rules, this situation does not warrant a penalty. If you don't believe me, Rule 85(c) states the following...

Where a player uses her stick, knee, hand, foot, arm or elbow in any manner or falls or slides along the ice directly in the path of the puck, causing the puck carrier to trip and lose possession of the puck, a penalty shall be assessed.
Note: If a player in the process of falling or sliding along the ice, hits or knocks the puck from her opponent's stick prior to making actual body contact, the tripping action shall be ignored.

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