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11-10-2009, 09:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Coldplay View Post
You know're right. But it's kind of frustration and sadness that just engulf, the Habs find a way to put me in a sour mood after a loss.

I keep on imagining if our team had Markov, if Andrei Kostitsyn was burying them, if some guys were not being incredibly useless...we'd be challenging for the division right now, I have no doubt. And that, is part of my frustration, seeing us piss away this start to the season because of ******** injuries and ******** play from a team that has more to give.

You have every right to find it childish, believe me, I would much prefer being all smiles and jokes after a nice win.
Here's a little anecdote : Yesterday I was playing texhold'em, got a pair of 8s and nobody was raising before the flop. Comes the flop, there's an 8, a K and a Q. I have three of a kind, another k or Q, I have full house. The guy that remains after the turn card, which was a k (I had my full house then), that guy starts raising like hell, I follow, because I know that he has either a Q or a K and only another Q or k on the river card could save him. So I go all-in. He follows. We turn cards, I see he has a Q and a 4, so he's got two pairs and I have full house. I was right, the only thing that could save him was another k or Q on the river. Comes the river card, Q. He wins. He got 4 cards on the table that helped him, I got 1. If he was a smart player, he would've folded way before getting to the river, because he must've suspected I had either a K or a pair of 8s, unless he thought I was bluffing, which was wrong. I mean, the last card could've been a friggin 8 for crying out loud, or anything else than the Q or K. But it wasn't. Lady luck flipped me the bird on that one.

Anyway, moral of the story, I love poker, and do you know how I go back to the table even after such a frustrating loss? I forget about it. Because I know the next day might be the day where the river card won't kill me, like it usually doesn't.

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