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12-09-2004, 08:56 AM
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Originally Posted by NYIsles1
Bettman's biggest demand is cost-certainty and several variations of that were presented to the NHLPA.
Presenting the same cap over and over agan is hardly an example of variation.

"It's great the NHLPA has an offer today but who pays that luxury tax? Owners. Who still has to compete for players in an open market? Owners. This system does not work in baseball, there is significant team disparity and a lack of competitive balance overall. "

The system DOES work in baseball. Or at least it works for those owners who choose to take the money and reinvest it in their teams instead of just pocketing it. Revenue sharing does much more to solve the real problems than a cap. The cap is nothing but a palty effort by Bettman to cover up all of the economic blunders that overexpansion (his idea) has wrought.

"A cap is acceptable to the NHLPA, let's seem them compromise that and I'm sure the league will make sure if the product is profitable the players will benefit with good contracts.

A hardcap is actually not acceptable to the NHLPA. Having a rookie cap and accepting an overall cap are 2 entirely different things. You want the product to be profitable? Then ax the teams that have no chance at ever being profitable. Having every team profitable is just not realistic. Not while the Carolinas, Floridas, & Tampas of the world are running around.

"And why shouldn't Bettman continue to reject a free market system that has failed for this league."

What has failed the league is not the free-market system. What has failed the league is the lack of a drag. That does not have to be a cap. It COULD be a luxury tax. The NBA, a league Bettman loves to bring up as an example, does not have a hard cap. Only the NFL does.
And let's not forget Bettman's reason for such a low cap....the amount of the economic loss by the league. The amount of the loss is highly debatable.

"It does not mean it's a good deal for this business."

Nor does a cap make a good deal for the overall league.

"The concept of building a team"

Since when is the concept of building a team revolve solely around a hard cap?

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