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12-09-2004, 09:01 AM
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All a cap is going to do is create ARTIFICAL parity...and will cause good teams to disband after achieving any significant success as you see in the NFL.

A cap shouldn't and can't be fairly instituted without the only thing that makes it work...a HUGE CENTRAL REVENUE SOURCE that can only come with a major TV deal that the NHL will never get.

The real problem is Bettmen and the owners being greedy for entry fees and increasing the size of the league by 1/3 in just 1 F'in decade!!!

Too many teams, unhealthy one's at that who can't and never will support the markets they are in properly.

Just think how much the talent pool would rise had they only added a much more reasonable 3 teams instead of 10.

Fold 6 teams and bring the skill level back up to the point where talent is back in the spotlight as the primary draw instead of the "let all teams be as good as any other one and everybody play generic, no skill, no entertainment hockey" that we see today and that you and the owners are pushing for in the future.

If there could be one bright spot in all of this it would only come from the possibility of contration to right the wrongs of Bettman and the owners of the '90's

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