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11-11-2009, 09:24 AM
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Jay leach actually impressed me. he made good desicions, kept his composure, i liked him last night. MAB, WTF was that skating to the puck at 2km/h and having one of the flames forcheckers get to the puck first without a challenge. Seriously, wtf was that. And apparently according to the media, quebecers have a better ''ethic de travail''.. my ass they do. Where was laps's, or lats's ethic de travail. Non existant if you ask me.

We need to bring sergie back. Hes not our saviour but he might add some scoring depth, we need it badly and a couple of people need to sit for a couple of games IMO. next games line ups should be

Cammy Gomez Gionta
Akos Pleks Skos
Pacc Metro Moen
White Chip Pyatt

Hamm Spac
Georges Mara
Leach Carle

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