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11-11-2009, 10:14 AM
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Salary cap= the maximum any team can spend of salaries in a season whch is the same foar all teams. What the NHL doesnt need is another NYyankees where they can spend big $ to buy all the top players. This league takes enough pipe, at least they try to make to make it fair.

Self imposed cap= the maximum $ spent on salaries the owner is willing to spend based on revenue and amount he's willing to lose

Karmanos is tight but this year has spent close to the cap cuz he thougt he had a contending team. We all did. He's usually willing to spend he extra bucks if the team looks like it needs only a peice or two to make a run. (See Recchi, Weight, Jokinen)

Small market teams that has a small STH base needs a self imposed cap or else the owner will need to sell after taking pipe year after year. Check out other smaller market teams and their cap.

Question for you
Have you been reading the old whaler sites to get all your info about Karmanos?

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