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11-11-2009, 10:36 AM
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to me, walkerbabe also needs to know, that unlike baseball, hockey has a salary floor as well.
that means that because of the salary cap, teams can't spend more than a certain amount, but the salary floor also prohibits them from spending less than a certain amount too.
in baseball, which as a yankees fan, i feel is in dire need of a similar system to hockey, some "small market" owners take the revenue sharing money that big market teams have to kick into a pool and pocket it, not investing it in the team and talent on the field.
instead, it's straight profit, something that is wrong, in my book.
anyway, as for karmonos, as a whaler fan, i'm not a huge supporter of his, but from a business perspective, i totally understand why the team had to move.
it stinks not being able to hear brass bonaza and see the mighty gang green take the ice, however, what's done is done.
hope i helped out.

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