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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
'Cause it's coming from Laraque himself. He said that he's going only with heavyweights 'cause the other guys won't go with him and he's not going to get some extra penalties for dropping it and start pounding without the other guy doing it as well.

Laraque believes now that his job is a sideshow to hockey. He doesn't believe in momentum. He doesn't believe in the fact that his job might be about going in the opponent's goalie's face, disrupting him, delivering body checks to the good players since they don't want to fight him etc....

Mr. Laraque is there to protect the tough guys for going after our guys. Example: You can bet that he would've gone after McGrattan after the Plekanec hit. But if it doesn't involve tough guys like that, he said that we have other middleweights guys in our team that will take care of that.

Sorry, but it can't be more clear than that.
Wrong, if Iggy wants to go with BGL, there would be a fight. Iggy would fight BGL by the way Q

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