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Originally Posted by squishy View Post
Some of us follow and root for the Wolf Pack as a team and not just a factory that churns out a few select players while tossing the rest in the scrapheap. And most of us would rather watch a player with some skill and a little bit of promise -- no matter how limited -- than watch useless sacks of ship like Arnason and Rissmiller coast around the ice, sabotaging their team with their disinterest.
how did this turn into me supposedly rather having arnason or rissmiller over Z... i never once said that. in fact i would much rather they both be gone and kept away to be honest based on there well documented character flaws, and i never said anything about the Pack just being a factory for the big club. I respect you and your reports but have no clue how my words were twisted into implying any of that nonsense... all my statements had to do with was the comments of nice job Z for leaving for europe, and the oh its too bad HE left ect... my comments were just about wondering why was there a focus on a lost chance just for Z rather then comments about the opening or an opportunity to bring in a better player (better either in skill, leadership, or just professionalism).

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