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11-11-2009, 02:41 PM
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as an olde whaler fan, visiting the rbc center made the hartford civic center, aka the mall, look like a total dump.
i do miss going to see games with my dad, dropping by sam goodies, the soda fountain and wendy's for a quick bite before the puck dropped.
honestly though, moving to carolina made sense for so many reasons beyond the new arena.
hartgrd was a scary place at night, and not just because of the crime.
it did, and still does, totally clear out at night and become a ghost town.
until the franchise threatened to leave, people really didn't care that much about the team, not to mention by moving to carolina, the canes have a total monopoly on the hockey market, not having to compete with the ruins, strangers, fishsticks and other teams.
although i might not like it, it was the right move in the end.

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