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12-09-2004, 01:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester
salary cap/harsh tax will create parity. very few if any "dynasties" will be appearing in hockey without some amazing management and amazing luck after this CBA gets worked out.
No, but a series of successful seasons coupled with a cup run or two isn't out of the realm of possibility. That's really what it takes to be successful long term. A dynasty would be nice, and I wouldn't compain if that happens, but it's realistic to think that we could compete handily in that environment.

A salary cap has the potential to create parity. The purpose of a salary cap really isn't parity as much as gving every team to have a chance to win it all regardless of location, financial intake. The NFL's parity (which I assume is what you are basing this on) stems in large part from the low UFA age. Because it is so low, it's hard to keep talent under the cap. If there is a higher UFA age in the NHL (it appears it would be higher than the NFL), it'll become a little bit easier to keep players, thus extending the likelihood of continued success.

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