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Syracuse Bulldogs review...

*The first line is tremendous. Obviously you can go any direction with Gordie, because he's a total offensive weapon and a physical force. (I'd try to surround him with skilled, physical linemates for the ultimate power/skill line, but that's just me). You went with the superb two-way playmaker in Boucher and another offensive machine in Sweeney Schriner - a guy who gets picked way too late in this thing.
*Kudos to give Mike Gartner talent to work with. Frederickson's a solid, skilled, gritty player. I don't know if Shutt's the right player for that line - he's an excellent garbage man, but is he what they need on that line? You have a tremendous trigger man in Gartner. I don't know how many opportunities Shutt will have to "pick up the garbage." But hey, at least Gartner has excellent talent at centre this time.
*Is your third line a scoring line or a two-way line? I'm a Carr fan - he was born about 30 minutes from where I live. But if this is a two-way line, is he good enough defensively to fill that role? Or is he out of place? Because you have Boucher, you don't need a great two-way line as much as a team with a lesser defensive centre on the front line. But if you want a two-way third line, you might want a different winger.
*I got a headache the moment I saw your fourth line. Call it the Headache Line. Skating might be an issue - Middleton and St. Louis are looking forward to blowing by Secord several nights a year. But it's going to be a combative, abrasive, annoying line that will score some goals, and generate a lot of power plays for your team with their agitation.
*Biggest concern is the lack of a No. 1 defenceman. Your top pairing is, well, slow. Yeah, they're big and tough and physical, but a line like LF's Blake-Taylor-Selanne line could be a source of problems. (That would be an interesting match-up). Regardless, that first pairing will administer a lot of hits, and they're tough, but are they mobile enough to keep up with the opposition in a best-of-seven?
*Your defence as a whole is tough. The only guy who isn't imposing is Schneider. Chara's a bad ass. Johnson's a rock. Burrows is the Steady Eddie type. There isn't a ton of skill on this defence, but they'll be tough to play against.
*A guy like Kevin Hatcher could be the key. Nobody ever doubted his ability. It's just that he didn't bring it on a nightly basis. He had nights when he looked like a sure-fire HHOF all-round defenceman. He had other nights - a lot of nights - when he was a non-factor. If his head's on straight, and Bowman gets the most out of him, he'll be your No. 3 defenceman and a force on a nightly basis. But there will also be nights when he's a liability, and he needs to be stapled to the bench.
*Tretiak might be the most polarizing player in the draft. Some love him. They think he's one of the top five goalies ever. They point to his performance in Summit, or the NYE Classic against Montreal. Others think he's a lower-end No. 1. I'm in the middle. I think he's good enough to be a No. 1, without question. But I think he's a mid-tier No. 1. That's why I would have gone for a back-up sooner than you did, although you certainly got a good one in Vernon.

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Syracuse Bulldogs

Coach: Scotty Bowman
Captain: Gordie Howe

Sweeney Shriner - Frank Boucher - Gordie Howe
Steve Shutt - Frank Frederickson - Mike Gartner
George Hay - Tommy Dunderdale - Lorne Carr
Al Secord - Dale Hunter - Mike Keane

Zdeno Chara - "Ching" Johnson
Lloyd Cook - Kevin Hatcher
Dave Burrows - Mathieu Schneider

Vladislav Tretiak
Mike Vernon

PP 1: Sweeney Shriner - Frank Boucher - Gordie Howe - Zdeno Chara - Lloyd Cook
PP 2: Steve Shutt - Frank Frederickson - Mike Gartner - Kevin Hatcher - Mathieu Schneider

PK 1: Dale Hunter - Mike Gartner - Zdeno Chara - Dave Burrows
PK 2: Gordie Howe - Mike Keane - Ching Johnson - Dave Burrows

Spares on roster:

Jim Roberts, Andre Lacroix, Larry Hillman

Spares for recall:

Don Edwards, Al Arbour, Kent Douglas, Claude Larose, Danny Grant, Lowell MacDonald

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