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Originally Posted by Dreakmur View Post
Hamilton Bettmans (Johnny Engine and Dreakmur)

Coach - Don Cherry
Assistant Coach - Roger Neilson

Vladimir Krutov - Mario Lemieux [A] - Hooley Smith [C]
Tommy Smith - Darryl Sittler [A] - Billy Boucher
Tommpy Phillips - Art Chapman - Blair Russel
Percy Galbraith - Red Berenson - Mush March

Valery Vasiliev [A] - Moose Johnson
Jan Suchy - Bert Corbeau
Dunc Munro - Red Dutton

Clint Benedict
Tom Paton

Spares: Corb Denneny and Jack Campbell

Minor League : Jim Riley - Clare McKerrow - Cully Wilson - Bobby Trapp - Jim McKenny - Nicklas Backstrom

Unit #1: Vladimir Krutov - Mario Lemieux - Hooley Smith - Jan Suchy - Bert Corbeau
Unit #2: Tommy Smith - Darryl Sittler - Tommy Phillips - Valery Vasiliev - Moose Johnson

Penalty Kill
Unit #1: Hooley Smith - Tommy Phillips - Valery Vasiliev - Moose Johnson
Unit #2: Art Chapman - Blair Russel - Dunc Munro - Red Dutton
Unit #3: Red Berenson - Percy Galbraith

Shut-down Unit: Tommy Phillips - Art Chapman - Blair Russel - Valery Vasiliev - Moose Johnson
- I can't see how your first line could be better with what you have, but I don't see it as an ideal line for Lemieux, because it will be a Lemieux one-man show at times. Of course, Hooley Smith is perfect, absolutely perfect for a 2-way right winger able to play with an edge, yet still be able to produce. My problem, however, is Krutov. Unless he's playing with the Green Unit, he shouldn't be on an ATD first line, because he doesn't produce enough and doesn't bring enough "secondary skills". The good thing is : Lemieux might be the best player in the draft as far as being able to be a one-man-show is concerned. Tommy Smith isn't an option, and you'd really screw your 3rd line by putting Phillips on the first. Besides, Philipps kindof brings what Smith does, so it wouldn't be a great fit.
- I really wanted Boucher for obvious reasons (4th line, and spot duty with Joliat and Morenz against bigger teams). But you picked him. Anyways.... The Sittler line is well-built, and Sittler is an upper-tier 2nd C in this draft. But that line is really C-driven, a bit like your first.
- Philipps-Chapman-Russell is simply awesome. Not a problem with that line. Those guys could play A LOT. It's might be your 2nd line, as far as IT is concerned.
- Considering that, the 4th is... puzzling. They're not a good offensively as your 3rd, they're not as good defensively as your 3rd, but they're also LESS physical as well, unless there's something I don't know about Galbraith.
- Vasiliev-Johnson-Suchy is a very good Top-3. I don't buy Corbeau as a Top-4 guy in this draft, but he indeed brings something that will make him useful, along Suchy. Your 4th is probably Dutton. I do know a bit about Dunc Munro, and at this point, I don't see what makes him an ATD'er. I'll look into things, though.
- Benedict? Solid. Top-tier goalie. Paton? There might be a wide range of opinions about him. A bottom-tier backup here IMO, but you have an upper-tier starter, so it kindof make sense.
- I already covered the head coach point. Great much by picking Neilson.

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