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12-09-2004, 03:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Bennysflyers16
If Nashville is such a hot Hockey market, then you don't need a cap and should be angry that you are missing out on Hockey right now, I am not a Jets fan, never have been, I went to 3 games in Minny, Toronto, and the World Cup in Mtl., so I still attend games. Winnipeg losing a team has nothing to do with me being bitter, I don't think Winnipeg can support a team, so I do not beleive the Nhl should make drastic measures to achieve that. If Nashville is such a great hockey town, then I apologize for suggesting otherwise. I beleive that the NHL has approx. 6 too many teams, and the league would be stronger by getting rid of them.
Yes, we would need a cap. Green Bay is a hot football market, IMO. But without a cap, they wouldn't exist. They certainly wouldn't exist to the level that they do (they'd be perennial bottom feeders). Even if the Preds sold out every game, I doubt they would be able to compete with the likes of Philadelphia and New York with regards to payroll. We simple don't have the TV market or the corporate presence to make it happen. But under an NFL type system, the differences between the Dallas' of the world and the Green Bay's of the world are minimal with regards to finances. What Nashville wants is the ability compete based on the merits of our players and management and not so much on the merits of our local TV deals, apparel sales, and corporate sponsorship.

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