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Originally Posted by james bond View Post
As for the first point it, seems like the player is playing on all these different teams rather than being situated in one place.
For example, if he played on one team he could more easily:
* set some goals for the season
* goals could be being efficient on the PK, PP, defensive responsibilities, skating stride, edges, shot, etc...
*know what he wants to achieve and proper coaching to achieve them
Like most promising players under a certain age he has a "Förderlizenz" with which he can play for one lower tier team as well as one DEL-team. So it's basically a two-way contract.

He is a player and a product of Landshut but since this season he also has a förderlizenz for Augsburg for which he has played 1 game so far! Similar things happen to players in north america all the time.

Originally Posted by james bond View Post
The final point was how everthing was things seemed on time, clean and orderly. A transit system that works. Low tolerence for drunk drivers and careless vehicle operators in general... Just my experience though. Sounds like yours is different, maybe you can explain.
You probably haven't used the national rail system a lot if you got the feeling that everything is on time. You probably haven't been to Ludwigshafen or Berlin (outside of "Mitte") if you think everything is clean. Berlin is one of the large cities with most graffiti worldwide. Don't get me wrong. It's part of why I love it.

But Germany is definately not more organized than let's say Australia or the Netherlands for example. Germany-being-organized is a classic sterotype that derives from certain aspects of the two world words (i.e. war industry and concentration camps).

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