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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
The Phils and Eagles are well and good. That's understandable.

Maybe it is personal desires, but I watch the same programing you do and get a completely different opinion of it.

I've been away for four years and missed a lot of the preseason/offseason talk on CSN this summer because I was either in DC or running out to camps/prospect stuff for both the Flyers and Capitals.

If the Flyers did get this kind of coverage when the season was just starting then I missed it completely.

There's also our crappy scheduling to take into consideration. We're getting so many long breaks recently.

You could be right, but it's still unsettling to see us used as a brief injury update on our home network.
They do "Meet the Flyers" and all that jazz...aired all the press conferences over the summer. Right now we have a feature on Ray Emery returning to Ottawa, discussion of Briere, and a look at the upcoming schedule...on a morning when we haven't played a game in a few days. Once football is past us, the Flyers are the lead story and the primary presence on CSN most days.

The coverage the Flyers get is good, but, in reality, is completely independent to the financial side of why understanding the Comcast/CSN dynamic is important to understanding the value of the Flyers to Comcast. Flyers give them ~75 games + playoffs of good ratings for a network that they can generate ad revenue off of...that's not something that I think gets rolled up in the "value of the franchise" number, because you aren't buying CSN with them.

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