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11-12-2009, 11:09 AM
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Valid points and we can agree to disagree. I personally don't see any harm in giving Peters a couple of starts. If a couple of losses destroys his confidence then he probably doesn't have the mental strength to be an NHL goalie anyway.
My line of thinking is it's just goaltenders are a funny breed, when they're on they're on and a lot of the time you don't mess with that, especially when you're dealing with a young goaltender in the midst of developing. Sure a call-up on most occasions would be ideal to get his feet wet, but a call-up to a team displaying what we are makes no sense for a young goaltender. You're throwing him into the fire. Inserting a young goalie into Carolina at this current time is like showing up to a gun fight with a knife, good luck. It may very well not hurt him, but I don't see the sense in taking the risks involved and inserting him in such a bad atmosphere. For me the pros/cons in keeping him in Albany outweigh the pros/cons that could be detrimental to his progress he's made in Albany this year if he were to be in Carolina.

If we were a .500 team that atleast displayed the potential to play a good hockey game, than my line of thinking may be different and much like yours, but we're such a bad team carrying such a bad atmosphere in the locker room that inserting a developing goaltender just isn't logical.

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